Surabaya Bishop ordains the forth Indonesian Dominican priest of the Philippines province


Bishop Vincentius Sutikno Wisaksono of Surabaya ordains Father Mingdry Hanafi Tjipto OP as the forth Indonesian Dominican priest of the Philippines province. The ordination held in Redemptor Mundi Parish of Surabaya, the only parish in Indonesia which is run by the Dominicans, on the 100th of Fatima, 13 October 2017.

During his homily, Bishop Sutikno reminded Father Mingdry that priestly life does not promise worldly success, job satisfaction, high esteem, flattery and idol, career or promotional development, and old age benefits such as workers, “but the risk of life in the shadow of the cross.”

Bishop Sutikno was accompanied by Redemptor Mundi parish priest Father Adrian Adiredjo OP and the Prior Provincial of Dominican Province of the Philippines Father Napoleon Sipalay Jr OP as well as OP priests from Indonesia and the Philippines, the priests from the Diocese of Surabaya, and Father Francis Andry Hanafi Tjipto OFM, the younger brother of Father Mingry.

With the help of Father Andry and his mother, Setyowati, in front of about 750 priests, nuns, and congregations, including the Dominican priests of Indonesia and the Philippines, and Dominican sisters and laity of Indonesia, Father Mingdry wore the stole and kasula he received from the bishop, who then anointed his hands and handed him a patena with a host and a cup with wine.

Setyowati told PEN@ Katolik that she was “very proud and happy, because the village boy could be a priest.” When asked for the family recipes that help her two children became priests, Setyowati confirmed that she did nothing but praying because it was their own vocation. “Mingdry especially want to be a priest since his time as altar boy. He woke up early to attend Mass. He was glad to join retreat and visit to the monasteries,” said Setyowati hoping that Father Mingdry better and full serve the Church.

Father Sipalay told PEN@ Katolik that he was very happy and very inspired by Father Mingdry’s ordination, because “our growth in the place is not only marked by a new priest ordination, but I think the concerted efforts from our Dominican family here (priests, brothers, sisters and laity), from the support of the bishop and other priests. This shows only that this how we are the Church, we are not alone as the Dominican Order, but we are together with all collaborators. It is a very good image of building our Church, especially here, Surabaya.

The civil engineering graduate, who was born in Surabaya 10 September 1980, is now a priest who will serve at Redemptor Mundi Parish. He finished his Philosophy Formation at Philippine Dominican Center of Institutional Studies Manila (2009-2011) and Theological Formation at the University of Santo Tomas Manila (2011-2016). He professed his first vow on May 5, 2009, solemn vow on April 8, 2012, and was ordained deacon on April 25, 2017.

“I was interested to enter the seminary when I was an altar boy of Christ the King Parish of Surabaya. I was so touched when a priest lifted the bread and wine that transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ in the Prayer of Consecration,” said Father Mingdry OP, who claimed to introduce with the Dominican order during a vocation expo run by Dominican sisters at Saint Mary Immaculate Parish in Surabaya. (paul c pati)


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