The world’s oldest Dominican sister with the longest vows just celebrated a birthday


On 5 January 2017, the Facebook page of the Dominican Family of Bordeaux, France, with the name Dominicains de Bordeaux displaying a photo of Sister Marie Bernadette OP 110th birthday. Sister Marie Bernadette OP is not only the oldest Dominican sister in the world, but also record the longest history in the profession. In a photo note in the French language, the Dominican Family was citing what the superiors said in the anniversary of the sister: “For me, the important thing is that she will celebrate 90 years of vows on 18 April 2017”. In the facebook page, the Dominican Family asked to pray for the sister and pray for an increase in calls religious life. As this writing, the photo has 3596 people like and 422 comments that contain birthday greetings. – Paul C Pati –


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