Solomon Islands Dominican Family Experience: nuis long Solomon*


emmajeanine21aug 003 Jeanine Justiniano and Emma Beer from  the Dominican Providence College, Rhode Island, USA recently spent five weeks in the Solomon Islands on Philip Smith Fellowships.( Most of their time  was spent in Auki, Malaita where they stayed with Sr Loretta op and Sr Saniela op and joined the Fanualama Community around Bishop Chris Cardone op ,  himself an alumnus of Providence College..

Before they went, Preparation Day was held at Rosary Lodge which included Tanya Kolar from Santa Sabina College and eight students who leave for the Solomons at the end of this term for an immersion experience. The Aussie students followed the blogs of the Americans in the Solomons and the young people are keeping in touch with each other.

Comments from Emma and Jeanine : ‘  Highlights  were spending time in the two kindis, St Augustine’s and siprepjul15 026Lilisiana, getting to know the students around Fanualama and being part of their culture ( including music and dance) …and being part of the living faith in the Solomon Islands.’

From Bishop Chris Cardone op : ’Jeanine was a great  guitarist and singer  and that is an easy entre to Solomon’s. She gave her guitar to a young charismatic youth: Evaristo who sings his heart out and loves playing the guitar…using his gifts at Mass and all Church events’.

*Pidjin language / Solomon Islands

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