Congregation of Dominican Sisters in Indonesia (OP)



24 February 1848  The founding of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

“De Congregatie der Zusters van de Heilige Dominicus van de Heilige Familie Jesus, Maria, Joseph te Neerbosch, Nijmegen”

Fr. Dominicus van Zeeland, OP (founder), Fr. JJD. Raken, OP (Provincial of OP Netherland), Mgr. J. Zwijsen (Bishop of Utrecht and Administrator of the Diocese of Den Bosch), ZR. Ludovica Keyzer (Superior General 1848-1869)

Year 1931  Acceptance of new mission in Indonesia to replace the PBHK Sisters (MSC Sisters) in Cilacap. Mgr. Bernard J. Visser, MSC (Apostolic Prefect of Purwokerto), Sr. Willibrorda Willard, OP (Mother General: 1927-1941)

18 September 1931  Departure of the first batch missionaries from Netherland to Indonesia: Sr. Angelina ‘t Hoen (Leader), Sr. Hildegardis Dukker, Sr. Clara Mentink

25 November 1931  Departure of the second batch missionaries Sr. Virgini Schilderman, Sr. Alphonsa Hoogenbosch, Sr. Hubertine Simonse

June 1933  Departure of the third batch missionaries Sr. Godeliva de Maat, Sr. Ludovica Koster, Sr. Engelina Hendriksen, Sr. Aimona Wiesel

Year 1950  Congregation accepted the request of Apostolic Prefect of Bandung to work in Cirebon. Mgr. JH. Goumans,OSC (Apostolic Prefect of Bandung), Sr. Bertranda van der Avoort (Mother General 1941-1950)


08 October 1931  The “Dempo” Ship which carried the first batch of missionaries arrived in Batavia. They were received by the Ursuline Sisters to rest and get acquainted with Indonesian culture and habit.

18 August 1933  Arrival of the fourth batch of missionaries Sr. Seraphica Schunselaar

February 1946  The beginning of the evacuation of a number of sisters back to Netherland. 17 Dutch sisters were evacuated, another 3 remained in Indonesia.

18 January 1952 Arrival of the eighth batch of missionaries Sr. Edmunda van der Lee, Sr. Jacoba van der Ploeg

Year 1972  Accepted new mission and set up new community in Pondok si Boncel – Jakarta. Franciscan Friars, Sr. Agnes Iswatini (leader of this mission)

Year 1982  Opening of convent in Pejaten – South Jakarta. Started teaching apostolate in STRADA school. Mgr. Leo Soekoto (Archbishop of Jakarta)

15 May 1987   Submission of Official Request from Provincial to Mother General in Netherland to approve the independence of congregation. Sr. Agnes Iswatini (Provincial), Sr. Augustini van den Heuvel (Mother General), Mgr. J.G. Ter Schure (Bishop of ‘s Hertogenbosch)

Year 1982 – 1988  Preparation to be an independent congregation: consultation with professionals of Church Law, meetings with Board of the Congregation in Netherland. Sr. Agnes Iswatini (Provincial), Provincial Board, Members

Cilacap & Muntilan

15 October 1931  The sisters arrived in Cilacap. Mgr. B. J. Visser, MSC

Year 1931   The first batch missionary sisters worked in a special school for Chinese children (Holland-Chinese School) and elementary school for javanese and manado children, dormitory and orphanage to care for orphans “Pondok Theresia – Theresia Huize”. The fishermen in the harbor and beach area of Cilacap.

24 December 1931  The second batch missionary sisters arrived in Cilacap.

Year 1935  Founding of the Novitiate for OP sisters in Cilacap. Mgr. Visser,MSC, Sr. Alphonsa Hoogenbosch (Novice Mistress 1935-?), Sr. Bernadette Sari (the first Indonesian OP sister).

Year 1941 – 1943  Second World War had started and caused destruction in Cilacap area. The sisters evacuated to Karanganyar, Fr. Hochstenbach (the parish priest of Cilacap). Sr. Angelina ‘t Hoen (mission leader), Sr. Theresia Redjeb (leader of community for emergency–an Indonesian), Sr. Bernadette Sari, Sr. Ignatia Sini, Sr.Willibrorda Katinem, Sr. Yacoba Sumilah.

Year 1943   All Dutch Religious were imprisoned and exiled to Muntilan area. 12 Dutch OP sisters.

24 August 1945   Announcement of the end of World War II.The sisters were taken from Muntilan to Ambarawa and Magelang.

08 August 2004  Convent of Majenang


09 August 1981  Opening of convent in Wonosari-Gunung Kidul. Sr. Anastasia, Sr. Gemma.

  • Dominikus Upper secondary school, formerly known as SPG Sanjaya Wonosari.


Year 1934  Request of a new mission in Apostolate of Bandung. Mgr. J.H. Goumans,OSC (Apostolate Prefect of Bandung)

16 July 1934  Arrival of the fifth batch of missionaries: Sr. Imelda Melani, Sr. Christina Ypma, Sr. Philomena Baas, Sr. Beata Oosterwijk

22 July 1934  Construction of a convent and school in Cimahi. Fr. J. De Rooy,OSC (the parish priest of Cimahi), the fifth batch missionary sisters.

February 1936  Arrival of the sixth batch of missionaries: Sr. Thomasine Speller, Sr.Callista Gertzen, Sr. Josina Leuverink

Year 1939  Arrival of the seventh batch of missionaries: Sr. Gaudentia Koster, Sr.Josephine Hendriks

04 November 1947  The return of 11 Dutch sisters who were evacuated back to Netherland.

Year 1947  Convent of Cimahi was made the “Motherhouse”. The works in Cilacap was returned to the MSC sisters.

27 – 29 May 1976 the first Chapter in Mission – Provincial Chapter of Congregation for electing the Provincial and  Her Assistants: Sr. Augustino Jansen (Procurator for Mission), Sr. Agnes Iswatini (leader of mission), 16 other sisters as representatives from every convents, Mgr.PM. Arnts,OSC (Bishop of Bandung), Sr.Gratia Laan (Mother General Congregation in Netherland).

Year 1980  Founding of old folks home Karitas (for Oma). Sr. Philomena Baas (pioneer).

23 – 24 February 1980 Chapter for Evaluation of Indonesian Mission. 17 sisters were members of Chapter.

08 October 1982 First Provincial Chapter :  First Meeting on Legislative. Election of Provincial. 18 sisters were members of Chapter, Mgr.MM.Arnts,OSC (Bishop of Bandung), Sr.Augustino Jansen (Procurator for Mission), Fr. Henk Keesom,OSC (Chapter Secretary), Sr. Agnes Iswatini (elected Provincial)

Year 1984  First Provincial Chapter : Meeting on Constitution. Created Book of Constitution with the title “Rule of St.Agustine and Constitution of the Sisters of St. Dominic in Indonesia” (green cover) and was approved by the Bishop of Bandung .

Mgr. Alexander Djajasiswaya (Bishop of Bandung), the Members of Chapter sisters

12 December 1987 Province of Indonesia was officially stated as an independent congregation entitled Kongregasi Suster-Suster Santo Dominikus di Indonesia (Congregation of the Sisters of St. Dominic Indonesia).

Sr. Agnes Iswatini (Provincial), Sr. Augustini van den Heuvel (Superior General of congregation), Mgr. Alexander Djajasiswaja (Bishop of Bandung)

Year 1988  the first General Chapter after independence.

22 sisters were members of Chapter, Fr. Tom Jacobs,SJ (adviser of Theology and Dominican Spirituality), Fr. BS. Mardiatmadja,SJ (moderator), Fr. Leo Samosir,OSC and Fr. Ch. Harimanto,OSC (Chapter Secretary)

Works on education:

  • Kindergarten and elementary school St. Theresia was founded in 1 August 1934 by Sr. Beata, OP
  • Elementary school Santo Yusup year 1948
  • Lower secondary school St. Mikael was founded in 29 September 1950. Thomasine Speller.

Works on public health : Policlinic Dewi Sartika was inaugurated on 15 May 1976

Social works:

  • Dewi Sartika sweing course was established in 1935 by Sr. Philomena, OP
  • Adoption/family and children activities were started in 1975 by Sr. Philomena, OP
  • Old folks home Karitas founded in 1980 by Sr. Philomena, OP


20 July 1950  The sisters came and started living in Cirebon. OSC Friars, Sr. Angelina, Sr. Hubertine, Sr. Rosa, Sr. Bernadette, Sr. Fransisca, Sr. Ludovica, Sr. Marie Yoseph

11 May 1968  Opening of work and Convent Panti Abdi Dharma in Cirebon by Sr. Virginie Schilderman.

Kindergarten, elementary school and lower secondary school entrusted to the Dominican sisters on 21 July 1950. Upper secondary school established in 1957.

01 March 1968 maternal clinic Panti Abdi Dharma.


01 January 1952  Opening of St. Dominic Convent in western Purwokerto. Sr. Alphonsa Hoogenbosch (superior of community)

18 November 1952  Arrival of the ninth batch missionaries. Sr. Ernestine van de Hoven, Sr. Lisabetha Pubben

Year 1982  Started to open retreat house Hening Griya – Baturraden – Purwokerto.

Works on education and health:

  • Kindergarten and elementary school St. Maria since 1 August 1929
  • Sekolah Kepandaian Gadis (lower secondary school I Makulata Susteran) since 1 July 1981
  • Kindergarten and elementary school St. Yosef established on 1 August 1955
  • Elisabeth Hospital
  • Adi Dharma Health Clinic founded in 1968


July1962  Opening of convent in Rawaseneng as requested by OCSO. Fr. Bavo, OCSO, Sr. Beata Oosterwijk, Sr. Bernadette Sari

  • Fatima Health Clinic established on 22 July 1963
  • Fatima Kindergarten established in 1963
  • Fatima Elementary School founded on 2 August 1964
  • Built new convent in 1975


Year 1968  Opening of new novitiate house in Baciro-Yogyakarta. Sr. Barbara, Sr. Yosepha, Sr. Gemma

Year 1970  Building of new convent in Maguwoharjo. Sr. Fransisca

Year 1978  Relocation of novitiate from Maguwoharjo to Baciro. Fr. Al. Susilo Utoyo, diocesan (parish priest of Baciro)

  • Year 1962 opened Kanisius Elementary School in Baciro
  • Year 1966 Katamso Elementary School gendeng , later renamed as SMP Pangudi Luhur 2
  • Panti Usada Health Clinic
  • Pandega Community 1 December 1990

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